Its Almost Sept 2020 – Still Stuck?

Are you still sulking in 2020 because this pandemic seems to be lingering
longer than expected? Maybe the news just has you down and demotivated because they
like to report only negative information, doom and gloom.

STOP sulking and get it together! This whole pandemic is an opportunity to
take charge and assess what you are striving for. Maybe from a framework
standpoint you find yourself having to take a pause in executing your plan. This doesn’t mean your progress has to be at a standstill! If you are stuck and have been since the beginning of the chaos, then maybe it’s time to reassess some goals? Maybe it’s time for
growth through learning? Keep your vision in clear site, even during this strange time. If your
vision stays on the forefront of your mind, chances are you are making progress.

So, do not be stagnant during this pandemic! Look at your goals daily, reassess,
and find ways to get around stagnancy. Bring life back into your commitment
so you can continue to execute the plan that your vision needs!

Live to succeed, not to survive!

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