Goal TRAKing

Goals are the backbone to your success.

Setting goals is an essential task when it comes to planning. When goal setting, you need to think about key goals that are significant to your vision. Key goals must be so significant that success will not be met without them being accomplished. Each goal should be attainable by being broken down into measurable segments.

The Framework to Success offers a method called Key Goal Assessment using the Goal “TRAK” technique. This is a goal setting technique that strategically organizes goals and sub-goals to one ultimate end goal which is your vision. This technique is easy to use and is geared toward the needs of each goal.

TRAK is an acronym that consist of four basic needs; Time, Resources, Actions, and Knowledge. Some needs may not be necessary for certain goals, but they can be easily overlooked when you plan. Let’s look at each need.


Time is simply putting a deadline on a specific goal or a task within a goal. Some goals may depend on the deadline of other goals, and this is where time can be crucial. You always need to assess the time it takes to achieve each goal. When it comes to updating goals, this would be the need that would most likely be adjusted if you run ahead or behind schedule.


Resources can be based off people, places, and things. One can say that money is the most needed resource to get things started. If this is the case, then finding a way to make money may be a goal itself. Some resources may depend on other goals to survive so obtaining specific resources may become sub-goals aligned with key goals. In the scenario of getting money, one could set up a new goal on getting employment to fund another goal. These goals and sub-goals become milestones during the ongoing assessment of diligent goal TRAK-ing.

A resource that people may not think much about when goal setting is other people in their life that could provide help to their success. Usually this may be uncomfortable but if the future depends on it, then it is absolutely necessary to have people as a resource toward success. Make it a goal to meet with people that can help you succeed.


Actions as a part of goal TRAK-ing is simply the list of needed actions, or instructions to accomplishing a specific goal. This may be the “to do list” using the resources and knowledge within a given time period. You will notice on the template from the downloads page that the “Actions” block is lined up to the right side of the “Time” block. This makes it appropriate to where you can align deadlines to your actions.


Knowledge is power! You will have goals to accomplish that will challenge you to learn something new. If you are lacking knowledge and information on a goal that needs to be accomplished, this is where you will list it. Anything new that needs to be learned whether it’s by taking an online course, meeting with someone that has this knowledge or by simply doing research on your own, list it down and TRAK it. Just like your “Time” block is lined up with your “Actions” block on our template, you will notice that “Knowledge” is lined up with the “Resources” block. This is for the same convenience, so as you TRAK your knowledge you can align it with your resource.

Now that you understand the basics of TRAK-ing goals, list out some of your own goals you can TRAK and give it a shot!

Check out the downloads page for templates you can use for Goal TRAKing! You can also design your own templates to use for goal TRAKing and be creative with the process.