Core Values

Core Values

Having a strong mind and body that supports your vision is the basis of a strong foundation. Just like any foundation, you make sure the elements that hold it together are strong enough to sustain your framework (vision, plan, execution, and commitment). One of the main elements that strongly supports and holds your foundation together is a sturdy set of core values.

Core values define who you are inside and determine how you perform outside. They can either be personal or organizational. They are a decree of what is right and wrong based on a belief system that is devoted to your vision. A solid set of core values will support your path to success if you are committed to them. When you commit to your core values, habits will develop a new mindset. A new perception is formed on how you view your path to success.

How will you define what your core values are? Start by finding out what core values align with your vision and purpose. Understanding your shortfalls, such as old habits, might keep you from the progression of what you want to achieve. Your shortfalls are anything that will hold you back from performing and achieving. Identify your shortfalls and define what core values will help you eliminate them. Living by core values requires sacrifice and discipline. Create a list of values that are suitable for your success. The values you choose will recondition your heart and mind if you remain committed to them. Have your list visible as much as possible. When you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up and even before you head out the door, look at your list. If you have a daily calendar or journal you always carry with you, then write them down in a place where they stand out as a reminder of who you are. As you establish habits based on these values, you may want to add more to your list. As your list grows, you can adapt to more changes and continue to align yourself more to your purpose and vision.

Each value is more than just a word on a list. You should describe it and what it means to you personally. Ask yourself specific questions to determine the core values relevant to your purpose. Here are some examples, “How are these values going to impact my behavior and attitude, and overall performance?”, “How can these values help me turn away from bad habits that are detrimental to my success?” Dig deep when asking yourself these questions. Your future will depend on it.

Time to get surgical!

Is your road to success a structured plan of set goals? Do your goals allow you to remain committed to your journey, or do you have goals that are set in a notebook that you haven’t seen in weeks? I know its hard to stay committed. Plans and circumstances will change. Life happens and Murphy might even show up at your doorstep. But what if you looked at your goals as a part of your daily routine? Would you take the time to update your goals when needed? Would you be more committed if you looked at them everyday and even a few times a day? Looking at them daily allows you to engage with them every day especially when life decides to sneak in changes. Dont get discouraged if you have a set plan and then you have to change it. Your plan should never be set. It should be living, meaning ready to change at any given moment. Some people quit planning because of the constant curve balls that may interupt progress. When the planning quits, so does everything else like your execution and commitment. Winging it can only take you so far because the lack of consistancy. If you have to update them daily for whatever reason, its still progress because you are engaing with your goals.

A heart surgeon envisions a successful surgery before they begin to operate. They know the probablity of having setbacks is high because of the risk they take during every surgery. Do they get discouraged when events change on the operating table? I would hope not! They focus hard down to the tiniest detail of their execution. Do you focus on your success with same mindset of a surgeon?

Maybe, its time to get surgical with your success!