Define Your Purpose

Define Your Purpose

Do you have a vision of something you want to achieve but don’t know where to start? Are thoughts of getting started consumed by fear, lack of resources, or confusion, and now you find yourself procrastinating? Are you overthinking what it takes to accomplish it? Let’s start from scratch and get organized using this framework.

Start with your vision and dig deep into the purpose. Why do you want to achieve whatever it is that’s been in the back of your mind? Is this life-changing for you or your family? Is this a career change or a business you want to start? Define the purpose of this vision by understanding its value. What value does it bring to your life, job, or whatever your circumstance might be? Understanding the value will fuel the fire that will get you moving.

The more you value the vision, the more willing you are to do what it takes. You become inclined to take more risks, become more fearless, and perform with more confidence.

So, if you are delaying something you need to achieve, begin by defining your purpose. Every day, remind yourself of why you need to do it. This is where you need to start so you can ignite that fire deep inside you and get moving.

The next step to get moving is to plan. Plan out your route to success by setting goals. Within this Framework to Success, you can learn a new method of setting goals using the TRAK method, which you can find here.


Fear is one of the biggest enemies to success. Fear disguises itself in many shapes and forms. It’s slick and devious enough to keep you from achieving results without you even knowing it. It can keep you locked in a position where you can’t move forward and reach that next level of progress.

To be a success, you must take the risk. This is where fear can take you and your future hostage, and usually, it happens at the beginning for most people. When that vision of a bright future comes to the forefront of your mind, fear comes in right away and tells you it’s too risky, or if you do “this,” then you may lose “that” if you fail. Fear likes to expose your failure before you even try to do anything! At this point, this is fear trying to shove you into a cage as you envision the outcome of your success.

Fear will lock you up and hold you hostage! But… you have the key!

When you are taken hostage by fear, you can see the success from inside this cage by picturing the outcome. Fear wants you to torture yourself by keeping your vision in your imagination and not acting on the possible. Remember, you have the key, and all you need to do is put the key in and open this cage. You can free yourself anytime you want! You just need to be willing to do it. Be ready to take the risk toward success.

If you have a fear of failure, a fear of being judged, or a fear of anything holding you back from success, then this is your time to realize that you have the key to your future! Fear is just a mindset that needs to be dealt with by you. You have the ultimate control to free yourself from this bondage. Now make things happen! Live to succeed, not to survive!

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