Time to get surgical!

Is your road to success a structured plan of set goals? Do your goals allow you to remain committed to your journey, or do you have goals that are set in a notebook that you haven’t seen in weeks? I know its hard to stay committed. Plans and circumstances will change. Life happens and Murphy might even show up at your doorstep. But what if you looked at your goals as a part of your daily routine? Would you take the time to update your goals when needed? Would you be more committed if you looked at them everyday and even a few times a day? Looking at them daily allows you to engage with them every day especially when life decides to sneak in changes. Dont get discouraged if you have a set plan and then you have to change it. Your plan should never be set. It should be living, meaning ready to change at any given moment. Some people quit planning because of the constant curve balls that may interupt progress. When the planning quits, so does everything else like your execution and commitment. Winging it can only take you so far because the lack of consistancy. If you have to update them daily for whatever reason, its still progress because you are engaing with your goals.

A heart surgeon envisions a successful surgery before they begin to operate. They know the probablity of having setbacks is high because of the risk they take during every surgery. Do they get discouraged when events change on the operating table? I would hope not! They focus hard down to the tiniest detail of their execution. Do you focus on your success with same mindset of a surgeon?

Maybe, its time to get surgical with your success!

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