Live to Succeed, not to Survive!

Live to Succeed, not to Survive!

This phrase is the premise that the Framework to Success was built on. What does this exactly mean, “live to succeed, not to survive”? Let’s begin with the second half of this phrase. What does it mean to live to survive? When you know you are capable and worth more than what you are currently doing right now but don’t do anything about it, it’s because you are comfortable. Most of the time, that comfort is driven by fear of stepping outside the comfort zone and fear of taking the necessary risk to get out of the current situation and into a position where your actual worth will lead to success. This is living to survive. Don’t get comfortable if you are in a place you don’t want to be in for the rest of your life. Use the plateau that you are stuck on as a launchpad to succeed. Don’t live to just survive!

Now, those who live to succeed are fueled by purpose and will find creative ways to progress and move forward. They never feel stuck because their vision to succeed is always at the forefront of their mind. It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable the current situation is because they know it is temporary and know there is a purpose behind every circumstance. Someone who lives to succeed is driven and determined to execute every goal that leads to success.

Where do you find yourself right now? Living to survive, or living to succeed?


Fear is one of the biggest enemies to success. Fear disguises itself in many shapes and forms. It’s slick and devious enough to keep you from achieving results without you even knowing it. It can keep you locked in a position to where you can’t move forward and reach that next level of progress.

To be a success you must take risk. This is where fear can take you and your future hostage, and usually for most people it happens in the beginning. When that vision of a bright future comes to the forefront of your mind, fear comes in right away and tells you it’s too risky, or if you do “this” then you may lose “that” if you fail. Fear likes to expose your failure before you even try to do anything! At this point, this is fear trying to shove you into a cage as you envision the outcome of your success.

Fear will lock you up and hold you hostage! But here is the good part… You have the key!

When you are taken hostage by fear, you can see the success from inside this cage by picturing the outcome. Fear wants you to torture yourself by keeping your vision in your imagination and not acting on the possible. Remember, you have the key and all you need to do is put the key in and open this cage. You can free yourself anytime you want! You just need to be willing to do it. Be willing to take the risk toward success.

If you have a fear of failure, a fear of being judged, or a fear of anything that is holding you back from your vision, then this is your time to realize that you hold the key to your future! Fear is just a mindset that needs to be dealt with by you. You have the ultimate control to free yourself from this bondage, now make things happen! Live to succeed, not to survive!

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Its Almost Sept 2020 – Still Stuck?

Are you still sulking in 2020 because this pandemic seems to be lingering
longer than expected? Maybe the news just has you down and demotivated because they
like to report only negative information, doom and gloom.

STOP sulking and get it together! This whole pandemic is an opportunity to
take charge and assess what you are striving for. Maybe from a framework
standpoint you find yourself having to take a pause in executing your plan. This doesn’t mean your progress has to be at a standstill! If you are stuck and have been since the beginning of the chaos, then maybe it’s time to reassess some goals? Maybe it’s time for
growth through learning? Keep your vision in clear site, even during this strange time. If your
vision stays on the forefront of your mind, chances are you are making progress.

So, do not be stagnant during this pandemic! Look at your goals daily, reassess,
and find ways to get around stagnancy. Bring life back into your commitment
so you can continue to execute the plan that your vision needs!

Live to succeed, not to survive!

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Core Values

Having a strong mind and body that supports your vision is the basis of a
strong foundation. Just like any foundation, you must make sure
the elements that hold it together are strong enough to support your framework
(vision, plan, execution, and commitment). One of the main elements that
strongly supports and holds your foundation together is a strong set of core

Core values are principle elements that guide behavior through the growth and development of strong standards that you to follow and live by. Core values define who you are inside and dictate how you perform on the outside. They can either be personal or organizational. They are a decree of what is right and wrong based on a belief system that is devoted to your vision. A strong set of core values can lay out a path to success if you are committed them. When you stay true to your core values and remain committed to them, habits are formed toward a new mindset. A new perception is formed on how you view your path to success.

How will you define what your core values are?

Start with finding out what core values will align with your vision and purpose. Understand what your shortfalls are such as old habits that might keep you from the progression of what you want to achieve. Your shortfalls are anything that will hold you back from performing and achieving. Identify your shortfalls and define what core values will help you eliminate them.

Living by core values requires sacrifice and discipline.

It’s good to start with a short list of up to three to five core values. You don’t want too long of a list especially if they take great sacrifice, because a drastic change may cause to you turn back. The values you choose will recondition your heart and mind if you remain committed to them. Have your list visible as much as possible. When you go to sleep and every morning when you wake up and even before you head out the door, look at your list. If you have a daily calendar or journal you always carry with you, then write them down in a place where they stand out as a reminder of who you are. As you establish habits based off these values, you may want to further add to your list. As your list grows you can adapt to more changes and continue to align yourself more to your purpose and vision.

Each value is more than just a word on a list. You should describe the value and what it means to you personally. Ask yourself specific questions to determine the right core values. Here are some examples, “How are these values going to impact my behavior and attitude, and overall performance?”, “How can these values help me turn away from bad habits that are detrimental to my success?”. Dig deep when asking yourself these questions.



A framework is only as strong as the foundation it stands on. Having a strong foundation for your framework requires a combination of a sound mind and body. The mind and body together make up who you are as a whole person. What you feed your mind and body will either produce fruit or cause setbacks as you journey to succeed. Your framework to success needs to be solid enough to withstand anything that wants to tear it down like fear, criticism, bad habits, and anything that does not parallel your purpose.

To solidify your framework, you need to focus on the little things that will help build it up. There are these fundamental elements that develop and establish your attitude and help you with decisions and direction. These fundamental elements are your core values. These are important to have because they reflect who you are and help control your thoughts and actions in a positive way, especially when aligned with your purpose. Core values protect you and the vision you pursue. They keep you within the bounds of your path to success.

The mind and body need to be protected and this may require sacrifice. For some people it will have to be routine changes such as adding more physical activity to keep the body strong and healthy or reading more books to strengthen the mind through knowledge and understanding. It may require a diet change so your mind and body can get the right fuel so you can thrive physically and mentally. Environment change could be a possibility if the conditions you are surrounding yourself with are not conducive to your success. For example, the people you hang out with may be holding you back from progress or even pushing you further away from your goals. I am not encouraging you to ditch your family or friends, but you want to make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who encourage and influence you to grow and succeed. This may mean you have to be more selective about who you spend your time with. Expose yourself to things and people who are relevant to your purpose and vision.

Make sure your foundation stays strong and balanced so you can perform at your highest levels of energy and mental sharpness. So, take heed to what you are putting in your mind and body. Is it relevant to your success, or will it hinder progress? Establish core values that will create the boundaries for you to thrive and succeed in while they block the outside noise.

Live to succeed, not survive!

Time to get surgical!

Is your road to success a structured plan of set goals? Do your goals allow you to remain committed to your journey, or do you have goals that are set in a notebook that you haven’t seen in weeks? I know its hard to stay committed. Plans and circumstances will change. Life happens and Murphy might even show up at your doorstep. But what if you looked at your goals as a part of your daily routine? Would you take the time to update your goals when needed? Would you be more committed if you looked at them everyday and even a few times a day? Looking at them daily allows you to engage with them every day especially when life decides to sneak in changes. Dont get discouraged if you have a set plan and then you have to change it. Your plan should never be set. It should be living, meaning ready to change at any given moment. Some people quit planning because of the constant curve balls that may interupt progress. When the planning quits, so does everything else like your execution and commitment. Winging it can only take you so far because the lack of consistancy. If you have to update them daily for whatever reason, its still progress because you are engaing with your goals.

A heart surgeon envisions a successful surgery before they begin to operate. They know the probablity of having setbacks is high because of the risk they take during every surgery. Do they get discouraged when events change on the operating table? I would hope not! They focus hard down to the tiniest detail of their execution. Do you focus on your success with same mindset of a surgeon?

Maybe, its time to get surgical with your success!